Wiki the Weta

Wiki the Weta

Wiki is a charming young weta. He loves to hang out on the Rata tree where all the other insects can admire his good looks.

He is a top athlete, and is usually first over the line. With his large, springy back legs, he is always The Tree Hutt high jump champion.

Wiki is generously sponsored by Cam County Inc

Cam County Inc are only too happy to Sponsor Wiki The Weta, We are a local car club that is very active in the community and having  the opportunity to be involved with The Tree Hutt was a no brainer and we are 100% behind this department. Keeping our children comfortable in an unfortunate trip to the hospital means a great deal to Cam County.
 The Tree Hutt is high on our priority list when it comes to fundraising events. With a recent local event raising over $15k for This department, this is something Cam County Hot Rod Club are extremely proud off.
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