Teacher Direct Lower Hutt donation

The Tree Hutt has recently been given an amazing gift of up to $10,000 worth of toys from Teacher Direct Lower Hutt.

 Out of the blue, the staff at Teacher Direct called us and asked if we would like some new toys and equipment that they no longer required. They said they chose the Tree Hutt and a few other charities in the Wellington region who they thought would benefit from having some quality toys and children’s furniture donated to them.

 We popped down to their warehouse in Seaview to find over five pellet loads of beautiful toys such as Duplo, Lego, children’s reading books, white/black boards, children’s  table and chairs, wooden book shelves and the list goes on. We loaded up multiple van loads to bring all the wonderful toys and furniture back to the hospital.

 We are now in the process of sorting everything so we can other areas around our hospital with distraction therapy equipment and toys for children to use whilst they visit the hospital.

 The staff in the Emergency Department find having distraction therapy for all children who attend our service a very valuable and necessary way of helping a child cope with pain, anxiety or a painful or difficult procedure. The aim is to take the child’s mind off the procedure by concentrating on something else.

 The Tree Hutt is very thankful to Teacher Direct for their generosity and mind blowing contribution to our wonderful cause, you are incredible, we cant thank you enough. 




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Merry Christmas from the Tree Hutt :0)

The Tree Hutt would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and would like to thank you all for all your support this year…. We would also like to thank Wellington Free Ambulance Staff and the Hospital HR staff for the kind donation of christmas presents that will be given out at christmas
Father Christmas :0)

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The Cars for Charirty Mystery Poker Run

What an amazing day The Cam County Car Club and the Petone Workingmen’s Club Mystery Poker run was on the 23 September 2012 raising money for The Tree Hutt at the Hutt Valley Emergency Department.
Waking up to a beautiful, sunny, cloudless day we were assured of a great day to come. Starting early with a big breakfast, registrations rolled in and a record breaking 139 vehicles took part.
The hub caps were polished ,bonnets sparkly and shiny and tyres blackened all ready to cruise the Hutt Valley. Old and young gathered prior to the start admiring each and every car whether classic or modern, beat up or looking like brand new.
The gates opened, engines roared and away they went. Matilda, Poko, Sam, Pip, Lulu and Wiki ventured out of The Tree Hutt and were on hand with some of the ED staff to cheer on the participants when they came through the hospital grounds. After a couple of breakdown they all arrived back at the Workingmen’s Club for some well deserved refreshments and the prize giving.
The staff of The Tree Hutt would like to extend a big thanks to all our Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors – your generosity is mind blowing and will enable a large number of items on our wish list to be purchased. We would also like to thank each and everyone that took part in the poker run, staff at the Workingmen’s club and members of the Cam County Car Club . Your generosity for not only your participation in the run but also with buying raffle tickets and auctioned items made the day a great success. To all that donated prizes, we thank you for making this a truly memorable event.
We would like to especially thank Steve and Ang Reid from Cam County Car Club and Paul Mexted from Petone Workingmen’s Club for your endless hours of organising and making the day such a fantastic day had by all. Without you this event would not have been the success it was. Thank You

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The Dinosaurs Move into the X-Ray Room

The staff of the radiology in the emergency department are all excited as they can now offer some entertaining distraction therapy. Our dinosaur’s friends like visiting the x ray room so they can be on hand to cheer up the children that are fazed by the x ray machine and gives them some stimulating entertainment.

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Meet the super new Dinosaur Friends

Meet our super new dinosaur’s friends. Their names are Buddy, Morris, Ned, Derek, Boris, Tank, Hank, Tiny and Mr Cretoxyrhina.
The Dinosaurs are new to the Tree Hutt and are an amazing recourse, helping to relax children and distract them during examinations etc in the emergency department.
The dinosaurs are all very colourful, they chatter to each other and can get very loud at times. The staff really appreciates and enjoy them too.
The children appear to really enjoy our new friends and find them totally entertaining.

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Cars for Charity Mystery Poker Run

Cars for Charity Mystery Poker Run

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The Easter Train

Chris Drowley from the Garden Rail Club has continued to support the tree hutt by providing a christmas train at christmas time. The latest is a easter train that has been going around the tree tops  over the month of april. These trains have provided positive distraction and enjoyment for many children who have spent time in the tree hutt. Thanks Chris for you on going support and up keep of the train as it is one of the most popular distractions for many children who spend time in the tree hutt

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Children Enjoying the Tree Hutt

Recently the tree hutt purchased some new toys and DVD’s. These new additions have been very popular with many children and have shown to be great distration for children during nursing and medical procedures.

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New Monitors

Sadly the Avalon Creche had to close its doors recently and because of this they have kindly donated some money to the tree hutt to be used specifically for children.
With these funds  the staff of the emergency department, we have purchased two Phillips monitors, further distraction toys and some paediatric scales.
The primary use of the monitoring equipment  will be used to monitor sick children’s blood pressure, temp, and oxygen saturation. This will greatly assist busy nurses workloads and keep sick children safe while in the tree hutt.
The distraction toys are hugely beneficial in situations where children require treatment in emergency procedures. Having these wonderful toys have shown to be in valuable and really make a positive difference to childs experience in our emergency service.
Here are some children who have been using the donated equipment.

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The Tree Top

The Tree Hutt concept has climbed upstairs into the Day Surgery Unit. This unit offers Distraction Therapy for children awaiting operations.

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