New Monitors

Sadly the Avalon Creche had to close its doors recently and because of this they have kindly donated some money to the tree hutt to be used specifically for children.
With these funds  the staff of the emergency department, we have purchased two Phillips monitors, further distraction toys and some paediatric scales.
The primary use of the monitoring equipment  will be used to monitor sick children’s blood pressure, temp, and oxygen saturation. This will greatly assist busy nurses workloads and keep sick children safe while in the tree hutt.
The distraction toys are hugely beneficial in situations where children require treatment in emergency procedures. Having these wonderful toys have shown to be in valuable and really make a positive difference to childs experience in our emergency service.
Here are some children who have been using the donated equipment.

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  1. Aileen says:

    This distraction therapy is such a great help to avoid or lessen the children’s trauma during painful procedures. I really appreciate the people behind this idea.

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