Treadmill Challenge 2011

The organisers of the annual Hutt Treadmill Challenge have chosen The Tree Hutt as this year’s charity.

See below for more about the Treadmill Challenge 2011 and how to sign-up:

The Hutt Treadmill Challenge

Exercise tolerance testing is a useful way of investigating patients with cardiac disease. The standard Bruce Protocol is divided into stages, each lasting three minutes. The treadmill incline and speed (and therefore difficulty) increases with each stage until the test is terminated due to ECG findings or patients’ symptoms/fatigue.

As cardiology registrar in 2009 I would often encourage patients to go a little longer and this would provoke the response: “I’d like to see you doing this.”

In the past, the cardiology registrars have traditionally attempted the Bruce Protocol on the treadmill at the end of a six month rotation.

This is the context in which the first formal Hutt Treadmill Challenge was launched. The idea was to open the opportunity for running to the entire Hutt Hospital staff and to use the event to raise funds for a cause outside the hospital. The result is Hutt Hospital giving something back to the local or wider community.

Another benefit, not initially anticipated, was the bringing together of Hutt Staff members who would not normally meet day-to-day in the hospital. A healthy dose of competition was introduced by dividing competitors into four teams. The obvious benefit was encouraging fitness in our hospital staff members.

HTC 2009 involved 46 runners and a donation via Red Cross of $5,395 towards relief in Samoa after the tsunami. The response for an inaugural event was overwhelming and all participants had a great time. This was obvious because many came back for a second go in 2010. The champion in 2009 was GianLuca Valsenti, a radiology registrar at the time who in fact clocked the treadmill by exceeding the programmed 30 minutes.

HTC 2010 involved 42 runners and saw the radiology department providing the champion for the second year running. Paul Williams beat his previous time to win with a time of 28:33. Overall the times were better in 2010.

The Lab/Radiology team remains undefeated for the overall team average time and received a bar tab for Petone Speights Alehouse again this year.

Prizes have included coffee vouchers from RIPE and free phones sourced through the operators from Telecom.

LA fitness has provided the treadmills, two years running, and have been a vital part in making the event possible. With more than 40 runners taking part we couldn’t use the cardiology treadmills because the risk of damaging the treadmill was too high and if the treadmill was out of action patients would be subsequently be delayed in getting investigated for heart disease.

Last year we raised $2,450 which was donated to Hutt Valley Women’s Refuge. They will be directly putting this money towards the running costs of the safe house, ensuring basic needs are met for women in need.

This year, Stephen Silk will be taking over the running of HTC which I hope will continue well into the future. There will be new runners and a new cause to raise funds for.

Last but not least, I must offer a huge thank you to all of the runners and their sponsors. The enthusiasm has been outstanding and is a credit to this hospital.

Best wishes,
Dr Laird Cameron.

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